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Requirements for setting up Cololight


Router and network requirements:

  • The router broadcasts a 2.4GHz network
  • The Wi-Fi network is using WPA/WPA2 security
  • The router is configured for any of the Wi-Fi modes a/b/g/n


Android requirements:

  • Android OS 5.0.1 or higher
  • Location services are turned on (location services are required for Wi-Fi scanning and discovering the Cololight. This can be disabled once the Cololight is connected in the app)
  • Bluetooth is enabled. It should however prompt you to enable it, if it isn’t already on


iOS Requirements:

  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Location services are turned on (location services are required for Wi-Fi scanning and discovering the Cololight. This can be disabled once the Cololight is connected in the app)
  • Bluetooth is enabled. It should however prompt you to enable it, if it isn’t already on


Internet Connection

What if I can’t connect it to Wi-Fi in the app?

Please make sure:

  • To select “Cololight Pro” version in the app when adding the device
  • Bluetooth is enabled, it should however prompt you to enable it, if it isn’t already on
  • The correct Wi-Fi password is entered, and it does not contain special characters
  • Wi-Fi SSID is not set to “Hidden”, and is shorter than 32 characters in length.
  • Wi-Fi SSID is in English Language
  • The Wi-Fi signal is stable in the location where the Cololight is positioned
  • The router is not operating certain protection functions or connection limits such as:
     AP Isolation, Black/White List, MAC Address Filtering to prevent the device from new connection, or the router isn’t on the maximum limit of connected devices
  • If multilevel router is applied, switch to the main router and try to connect again


One other thing to test is the Wi-Fi channel your router is connected to. Most routers will default to auto-select the optimal channel, which normally works well. However, with some models, this can cause issues in how the router communicates with your Cololight.
 Selecting a fixed Wi-Fi channel can help to resolve connectivity issues. The recommended channels are 1, 6 or 11.

Why is it frequently offline when it’s successfully added?

Please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is stable in the location where the Cololight is positioned.


What to do when the Wi-Fi shows “Unknown SSID”?

Go to “System settings” on your phone and allow the Cololight App to access location permission.

I’ve changed my Wi-Fi/router, how do I reconnect my Cololight?

If your Cololight can no longer connect to the original Wi-Fi or the network has changed, you can simply re add the Cololight and connect to your new network. 



How do I remove/replace a controller     

Using a coin, insert it into the groove on the back of the controller unit, twist it anticlockwise until the two dots match up and it reaches the unlock mark, hold the controller unit and pull out from the Cololight panel. To install a new controller unit. place the new unit, twist clockwise with a coin until it reaches the lock mark.


How do I fit the connecters?

A connector should be used to connect a double-hole slot on one panel to a single-hole slot on an adjoining panel.


What’s the difference between a Connector and a Fixator? Do they both supply power?

A connector provides a bridge for power. When a panel is not connected directly to a controller unit, it then must be connected to another panel which is connected with a controller unit directly or indirectly (through another panel) by a connecter.

A fixator helps to “fix” your panels together, providing structural support only and does not provide power to adjoining lights.


How many Cololight panels can be connected together?

Cololight controllers can have a maximum of 125 panels connected and controlled, if you wish to have more than this, or to be in alternate locations, you can add another controller and ‘group’ them. This will allow you to control both controllers at the same time.


How many Cololights can be powered from one controller unit?

This will depend entirely on the number of Cololight panels you have and the level of brightness that is set. However, depending on how many panels you have, you may need additional power cables to ensure adequate power is supplied to all the panels.

Approximately 15 panels can be powered on 100% brightness; with approximately 20-25 panels being able to be powered on around 50% brightness, without any noticeable drop in quality.

Additional power cables can be attached to deliver more power when required. When there is a relatively large number of Cololight panels, a logical power supply plan should be considered.


Why do some of the Cololight panels not light up after a new assembly?

Please make sure:

  • The connectors on the back of the panels are placed in the correct positions
  • The connectors on the back of the panels and any power supply pins are tightly attached
  • To Amend “Max Distance” in the app. Please navigate to the colour selection page, then tap the little 3 dots icon and go to “select distance”. Change the distance to the maximum panel distance from the controller unit.


What do I do if I have many panels and the assembled structure is not steady?

We provide Fixators with the 6-pack starter kit and all expansion panels to help strengthen the structure of your larger design.


Features and Functions


What is the difference between Cololight and Cololight Pro version?

Cololight Pro includes a microphone built-in to the controller which enables reactive lighting (“Music Mode”) directly. You will not have to use your phones microphone or keep the app open (like with the standard Cololight version). 

You can check which version of Cololight you have by checking your controller. The pro version will have a music note symbol. 


Can I connect additional panels to my starter kit? 

Yes! Cololight is a modular light system and all panels are interchangeable. You can create bigger and more personalised designs, by simply adding more panels on to your starter kit.

Expansion panels are available to purchase separately (individually and in packs). We recommend wall installation for larger designs as the bases will only be able to support a limited number of panels (dependant on design).


Can I control the Cololight with my smartphone?

Yes, you can control the Cololight via the free app which is available to download from both iOS and Android app stores.


Can I add more than one controller device to the app and control independently?

Yes, you can add multiple Cololight devices and control individually from the same account.


Can I “group” multiple devices together to create one big design?

Yes, the group feature lets you combine multiple Cololight devices and sync the designs together, allowing you to create one big design. Firstly, ensure all separate lights are set up, tap on the group option and tick all relevant devices you would like to group.

This is useful when, for example, creating bigger seperated designs that require more than one controller, allowing you to sync all panels with the same design.


Can I touch control the Cololight?

Cololight cannot be controlled by touching the surface of the panels, however it can be controlled by the touch sensor on the front and back of the controller unit.


What functions can I control with the touch sensor?

1)Turn the light on/off: Press and hold for 4 seconds

2)Switch light effect: Quick press when the light is on

3)Entering pairing mode: Press and hold for around 7 seconds


Does Cololight support voice control?

Yes! Cololight supports smart speakers including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Xiaodu Zaijia, Xiaoai, TmallGenie, TicHome and Rokid.

Please go to their app and authorize your LifeSmart account to get access.


What can I ask Cololight to do through voice control?

Currently, it supports voice commands including turning the light on/off, changing of colours and adjusting the brightness.

For example: “Turn on Cololight”, “Change Cololight to red”, “Dim Cololight a little”


How do I connect Cololight with Amazon Alexa?

Please refer to the instructions: Click Here
 Please note: Alexa skill only supports English, German and Japanese.

 How do I connect Cololight with Google Home?     

Please refer to the instructions: Click Here


Do I have to keep the app running when I want to use "Music Mode"?

This will depend on which version of Cololight you are using:

Cololight Pro - Music mode can be triggered by either using the microphone from your smartphone or by using the built-in mic. This can be selected in the settings menu.

When you use the mobile’s microphone to trigger music mode, please also make sure the app is running. If you select to use the Cololight microphone, there is no need to keep the app running.

Standard - If you are using the standard version of Cololight, please make sure the app is running when using music mode as it uses your smartphones microphone only.


Why does the light turn off and not respond to music when I turn on "Music Mode"?

On your phone, go to “System settings”- “Privacy”- “Record” and authorize the Cololight App to access your devices microphone.


Why do only the panels close to the Controller Unit respond to sound in "Music Mode"?

It only supports sound response for panels where the distance to the Controller Unit is within 14 panels.


I don’t have Alexa or Google Home; will this still work?

Sure, you can control Cololight from your phone via Wi-fi or manually using the touch sensor on the back of the controller.

Alexa and Google Home compatibility adds an extra way of controlling your light with voice commands and can integrate seamlessly into your smart home setup.

Can I connect the Cololight to a wall plug?

Yes, you can use any standard USB AC adaptor 5V 2A


Can you set the light to turn on/off and change colour at a set time?

Yes, this is available to configure in the app


How many lumens per panel?

Each panel can output up to 10 lumens


Power Supply


Why do my Cololights flicker?

Please use a compliant adaptor that works with 5V 2A.


What’s the power consumption of a Cololight panel?

A single Cololight panel takes 0.2~1W, but it can reach 4W when it’s on the brightest setting.


What can I do if the brightness of the Cololights are uneven when there are a lot of panels connected?

You will need to supply extra power to the Cololights. Please refer to Power Supply Plan below

Click Here


Wall Mounting


Can Cololights be mounted on the wall?

Yes! We have a wall screw mount kit available that allows you to expand your designs easily and achieve a professional finish.

Please refer to the installation instructions: Click Here

Alternatively, standard 3M double sided tape would work too as the panels themselves are very light.


Terms Explanation


What is the difference between a Cloud device, Local device and Nearby device?

Cloud device is a device which when added and you’re signed in, you can access the device and control it when you’re on another phone with the same account.

Local device is a device added by guest mode, which cannot be accessed when you’re on another phone.

Nearby device is a Cololight that is not paired but is on the same network as your phone.


What is the difference between Login mode and Guest mode?

When you add a Cololight under login mode, the device will be a cloud device, which can be accessed with your account even on another phone.

A Cololight that is added under guest mode is a local device and cannot be accessed when you’re on another phone.


If you are still having issues, please reach out to us here